Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I've been called an image hoarder and I think it's quite fitting, I keep finding interesting images or subject matter and like to share them, as I had been doing on Flailings. The issues with this practice are two-fold: first I never intended for Flailings to be a purely visual journal, I prefer to have something to say about the topics I post on here and that is not always necessary. The second part is that posting images on here takes time as I like to credit the content wherever possible.
It's likely that there will be less Random Images up here in the future, not because I'll stop finding them in the depths of the internet and wanting to share them with you all, but because I have a new dumping ground for them.
This has been the reasoning behind my creation of Flosculation*. I hope this will allow me to keep me browser cleaner as it uses the tumblr system which is much quicker to post credited images, and I have no desire for it to be anything other than an image depository, therefore it should be a quicker process all-round.
There is bound to be crossover and double ups, but if you dig the images I've been posting on here as randoms then Flosculation could be another worth bookmarking.

*I am aware that flosculation refers to ornamentation of language, not image, but I liked the word so I found a place to use it!


Punk said...

this is where you have the opportunity to make small changes to the word to suit your purpose. You could be a pioneer of the new english language.

Dan said...

on a related note, I have a google alert set up for "Flailings". As it is not a 'real' word the only regular results that come back are posts from here or another blog called "the emotional flailings of a cancer".
However, without having done any documentation, it appears that the usage of the word in other ways has increased VERY slightly over the last year. It's just interesting to see if it weasels it's way into more common language.