Sunday, February 7, 2010

Artificial Owl

Artificial Owl is a great site documenting abandoned man-made artefacts around the world, the articles are full of eerie spaces that have done their time and served their time, and are now left to crumble and return to the Earth. It's easy to imagine the grandeur that many of the documented sites commanded in their prime, yet also worryingly ease to imagine the chain of events that saw them relegated to their demise. Changing tastes, new technologies or simply mechanical failure saw these objects and locations placed in the 'too hard basket' and left to rot, thankfully sites like this are around to document the fascinating turn of events.


Ouistiti said...

Wowzers. This is so up my alley, I L O V E this!

Anders said...

Love it. Theres a swedish site which is worth visiting.

Dan said...

Thanks Anders, there are some great shots in there, just a pity we have to log in to see many of them.