Sunday, February 7, 2010

Californian Vans

I've long been a fan of vans, especially those from the '70s heyday. Joe Stevens evidently is too and he is on a mission to document as many of these as he can:
"Over the course of the project the vans themselves have become more and more of a rarity. The reasons are as simple as rust and changing tastes; and as complex as government “cash for clunkers” initiatives encouraging more fuel-efficient transportation. Notably, at the same time these vans have been disappearing from our roads – film photography as a visual medium has also begun it’s slow death. Consequently the goal of the project is to one day shoot the last remaining van on the final frame of photographic film in existence. Then the project will be finished."

I've been dreaming of another American road trip for sometime now and I think I'll have to track down one like this when I do get over there. Room in the back for a mattress along with a bike, and a good lining of shag (for warmth you know).

Via Telstar Logistics


Etienne said...

Excellent ! Love these vans as much as these pics ! :D

Dan said...

Exactly! The style of the shots perfectly suit the vans in the frame.