Friday, June 20, 2008

Work Links

I was working at the bike shop the other day, all was slow and quiet which allowed plenty of internet catch up time, until the last two hours that is. That meant that I had a dozen or so tabs on various subjects open to be sorted through, read or saved. I saved the links for future reading and they seemed like a good topic for a (long) post.

Architectural inspiration at Dwell:

Freshjive controversy on The Hundreds:

potential book shelf on ffffound:

An interesting but structurally suspect bicycle concept at designboom:

Canoe storage at designboom:

99k housing. designboom:

An interesting automotive graphics concept from infectious:

angular desk system on yanko design

Semigood stool on core77:

A guy with a moustache and a cool bike. arkitip:

kids getting high. yanko design:

The art work of Motomichi Nakamure via Speedhunters:

Ruby Costume Range

I have been a fan of Ateliers Rudy helmets since I discovered them many months ago, I'd love to get one, even if just to admire on a shelf (too many face-first crashes in my BMX days to ride open face on the street). The price is high but the design and craftsmanship are so well executed that this can be justified.

I only wish I could attend the launch party for their new range, but alas, I won't be in France in August.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Updated 7

I've long been a fan of the Lotus 7 and the hoards of ancestors it has spawned, of which there have been many. The disappointing aspect about most of the creations inspired by the 7 was a lack of originality, up until now the most adventurous interpretation I can recall is the Elfin M8 Clubman. Looking at it now it is clear to see why most companies have shied away from the venturing too far from the original Lotus' lines: it's hard to improve upon such a timeless shape. Now only four years on from the release of the Elfin effort it already looks dated, primarily due to its bulbous windscreen and bonnet profile.

Finally there has been a member of the lineage released that gets ambitious with the styling: the unattractively named SONDERGARD designed by Jesper Hermann

I could find very little information about the car other than performance figures and that it uses the underpinnings of the Pontiac Solstice. This little morsel just makes me curious about the chassis architecture of that car, how much of the Pontiac is used? Are the bulkheads of the Solstice bolted in? What type of construction is used for the chassis?

I do fear that this effort may look equally dated as the Elfin in the not too distant future.

via yanko design, below the clouds

Back again

After the post the other day about hitting the road that's exactly what I did over the last long weekend, now I'm back in two ways; physically, and virtually: my internet connection had been in and out for the better part of a week.

Lenny and I loaded up the bikes and went for a roam around the Riverland for a few days, the weather wasn't too kind to us for the first two days, the sky was persistently grey and and the rain was intermittent, but the scenery was great and the roads were occasionally interesting.

One of the most intriguing things I saw along the way was this 24 hour tourist information kiosk in Renmark. Nothing about the content was particularly interesting (to us) but the interface was new to me. It consisted of an adhesive film on the inside of the window that functioned as a touch pad connected to the main computer, quite a nice way to solve the access/vandalism trade-off.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Dual Cones

I found this technique for forming dual cone mufflers, it looks like it should work with reasonable consistency after a couple of trial runs.

One immediately apparent change I would make is to weld the bottom blank plate to a flange to hold it down very securely. I'm quite wary of contained compressed air these days due to an incident with a stubborn fibreglass mould and a hollow wooden buck, but that's a story for another day.


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Road Beckons

Something about this image makes me what to grab my bike and go.
Love the oil strapped on!

via church of choppers


One of my all-time favourite street art projects has had another instalment

one of the previous sightings

via wooster collective