Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Simple Pleasure

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Early Morning Paris

Here's one to file under "Don't do this at home (but I'm glad someone did)"

I tried in vain to watch only a few minutes and merely leave it playing for the glorious sounds, but try as I might it was just too captivating. If you can't afford the time to watch it all, the first and the last few minutes give a good overview, but be sure to see the very end (it's a happy ending).

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sight of The Day: Fighter

Fighter 3

I'm not sure if I've been slacking off with this blog, or I've just been doing other things instead, but what I have been doing continuously is taking photos. This is a mildly infuriating [oxymoron?] thing to do due to the scratched lens on my camera, although I'd rather do it then let that stop me.
Anyway, I plan to put some photos up here more often, starting with this bike I stumbled across yesterday. Obviously belonging to a Wrench Monkees fan, that bike was a great contrast to the sedate, leafy street I found it parked on.

fighter 2

Fighter 1

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Seen and Done


Just a few shots from around the streets from a few weeks ago [I have a backlog that I am gradually sifting through]


memorial 1

memorial 4

alpina 7

pink pony 1

bier 3

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Like Clockwork

If you've ever wondered how a mechanical watch works, and who hasn't, do yourself a favour and spend a few minutes watching this video. At every chime of the clock you'll be thankful you did. The oversize models used are works of art and the narration is classic 1949.

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I posted about the AURORA X MONOW collaboration jerseys a little while ago and I just received a note about it from Sebastian. Since I love the work he's doing, and he asked so nicely, I thought I'd let you all know that that a second run is going to press as we speak. Get in fast with your pre-order as the first batch sold quickly. Unfortunately I'm not going to be able to get in to this order either as all my funds are going to sampling the produce of the local Brauerie(n..?) and train tickets to others/polo tournaments!
Good luck with the new run Sabastian, it's great to see a small studio succeeding.

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Design Process

My mate linked me on to The System a few days ago and it's been open in my browser since, I flick through a few pages when I need a break. Not good for productivity, thanks unnamed friend, ya jerk! But I still love ya.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Falcon Motorcycles Kestral

I may be away from motorcycle ownership for the time-being, (well, that's not entirely true, I still own them both but they are a few thousand km's away) but I still try to stay in touch with the scene from time to time. However enthusiasm is easy to let slip when I have no immediate prospect of riding* but this video quickly brought back a large slice of that.
The scene, the sounds and the details all just make me long for riding and wrenching.
The bike is the Falcon Motorcycles Kestrel, that I posted about on another blog I write for occasionally**, it's a genuine work of art. Please, for your own sake, head over to their site and spend a few minutes checking out the details and story of the Kestrel, I promise you'll be inspired!

*I did find a nice and complete yet neglected Le Mans 850 the other day, I took the details for when I get some income sorted here....
**yeah, I know, blatant plug