Monday, December 17, 2012

To Speculate and Procrastinate

I know this blog has been basically mothballed due to a combination of ludicrous amounts of work and what had been a long running, and conscious, decision not to have my computer, or internet, at home. Now I'm adding more work to that schedule, and it's called for connectivity from home. The result? As expected I've been trawling through the huge backlog of unread blogs, unresearched little factoids and so on.
One of the effects of this is that I've been reminded of one of the reasons I believe I wrote it in the first place: to share, vent and speculate. Not to friends via email or messages, not on facebook, but just into the general world around. Case in point:

BMW 6 series Gran Coupe.
Last week I drove down to Munich with a group of colleagues, along the way we were playing Leap Frog with an unidentified but rather attractive BMW (similar to above but Bronze with black wheels). Now that it has sprung to mind due to seeing something or other on a blog, I now know it is a 6 Series Gran Coupe and that it has a load capacity of 530kg.
530kg?! For a relatively big luxury sedan that just doesn't sound very high. I wonder if it's being sold in the US (or Australia for that matter). Add four account managers after a long lunch, a few bags with laptops and prospectūs, and there is barely capacity for the requisite clubs to tackle an afternoon round.

Meh, what do I care, I'm not an account manager

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