Saturday, April 24, 2010

What's this Guy Smoking?

Because he's definitely high!

The stunt involved Red Bull skydiver Paul Steiner transferring between two high-flying gliders, which is pretty crazy, but my favourite tidbit related to this story was found in the comments section: "Oh PLEEEEZE!!.... Seriously, anybody could have done this." Sure thing! Evidently the commenter didn't bother to look beyond the opening photo to the one below:

via Chaz Hutton's tumblr. Check it out, that blog is chock full of gold!

Noughts and Crosses

This fun campaign for the Panamericana School of Art was developed to promote and explore creativity, essentially it gives a place to start doodling when that first line is a struggle to commit to. I'd love to get a pad of this to keep on the desk for phone calls

Many more images on woohome

For The Love of Cog

How cool is this?!
Found among a brilliant thread on that documents the build of a portage bike from tubes to completed work of art.

Wanted: MK1 Lotus Cortina

I'm on the hunt for one of the original giant killers: a Mk 1 Lotus Cortina. I'm scouring the country to find a suitable example of this little classic and the only viable candidates thus far had been snapped up before I'd found them. It must be genuine and traceable, white/green, original condition (restored is ok), RHD, and preferably an early aluminium panel, A-framed version.
Yes, I'm serious, I do know what they are worth and I'm willing to consider importing one if necessary.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I just noticed that it's been two weeks since I posted on Flailings, sorry folks but it's been a little hectic in these parts!
Here are a couple of cool quickies to tide you over for a little longer (or make me feel better about neglecting this):

Very cool little bicycle sidecar from Muslauf

Lazertits, nothing more to say, just check it out

Slim's Street Sweeper

Remember that I'm still occasionally flicking images on to Flosculation, just because it's all so easy on there. If you see anything interesting click the image as they usually have a link to the source for more randomness.

Tricks Are For Pros

Ashcan have released their latest shirt and it looks like the perfect thing for all the fixed tricksters and those of us looking for an excuse to explain our lack of skills, for that matter it could be ideal for the BMX kids, casual call girls, figure skaters, and even FMX riders looking to escape the Unit collective.
Check out the Ashcan shop

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Random Image #46: The Road Ahead

Imagine you've just ridden hundreds of kilometres on straight desert roads before cresting a rise and seeing this range unfold before you. Your heart would swell, grin widen and throttle hand twitch in anticipation. Bring it on!
via Fuck Cunts

In A Jiffy

Factoid of the evening:
A jiffy is a unit of time measurement, it varies, but is always unimaginably small, for instance the period "equal to the time it takes light to travel one centimeter".
Now you can click the next link safe in the knowledge that you are either more informed or baffled than you were a jiffy ago.

The Old Days

Watch this, it's awesome.

I'm very tempted to leave it at that but that would be a little too ambiguous. This video documents the making of HBO's 1983 opening sequence, a sequence that would tie up a talented CAD modeller for a couple of weeks at most today, rather than taking a team of 6 model makers 3 solid months.
Anyone who has ever built anything will surely be left in awe at the effort and precision required for the task at hand, along with some really cool tricks of the trade.

Via Core77

OCC Cycling?

April Fools day passed only a few days ago, otherwise I might have suspected someone was trying to pull a fast one with this paint work.

via Double Oh Two

Monday, April 5, 2010

Bugs, Borgwards and Bedfords


A few of the recent sightings out on the streets

bug 2 tone




bug eye

usa japan

Etienne's Lens

Etienne Musslin of Super2CV continues to take great shots of fantastic, and usually slightly eccentric, vehicles. Be sure to check out his Flickr


A semi-random selection from my tab farm:

Beautiful EJS on Speed Seekers

One for the girls: Hot dudes on Bikes. via Candy Cranks.


Greatness from the Dead Kennedys. HansDC

More crisp graphic and branding work from Yorgo for Black Crow Skis. Loving the yellow tinted windows!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

For All the Other Introverts


Caring For Your Introvert.

“With their endless appetite for talk and attention, extroverts also dominate social life, so they tend to set expectations. In our extrovertist society, being outgoing is considered normal and therefore desirable, a mark of happiness, confidence, leadership. Extroverts are seen as bighearted, vibrant, warm, empathic. “People person” is a compliment. Introverts are described with words like “guarded,” “loner,” “reserved,” “taciturn,” “self-contained,” “private”—narrow, ungenerous words, words that suggest emotional parsimony and smallness of personality. Female introverts, I suspect, must suffer especially. In certain circles, particularly in the Midwest, a man can still sometimes get away with being what they used to call a strong and silent type; introverted women, lacking that alternative, are even more likely than men to be perceived as timid, withdrawn, haughty.”
-Jonathan Rauch

via Constant Siege

I originally posted this purely on the back of the quote selected on the Constant Siege. Only after posting did I get around to reading the entire Caring For Your Introvert article, and I'm so glad I did. It is such an insightful piece and sums me up unbelievably accurately, I only wish I had read this a few years ago. I'll leave you with a favourite quote:
"Are introverts arrogant? Hardly. I suppose this common misconception has to do with our being more intelligent, more reflective, more independent, more level-headed, more refined, and more sensitive than extroverts."
Self serving? Yes. Accurate? Hell yes.

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