Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The State of Rock Explained

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Window Shopping

I've been casually looking for a track bike for a while now and after missing out on one by "this much" during the week I started looking further afield. I found these crazy contraptions within the US ebay, they are not at all what i'm after and well and truly out of my budget, but well worth checking out.



Saturday, July 18, 2009

Chico Moto

Some images stolen from the rad Chico Moto blog

Love the pipe on the Indian 4!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Only In New York

Pole Riders via Prolly is Not Probably

Live Scanning

The lads over at Muslauf (the guys responsible for the huge incidental velodrome shots circulating the blog-o-sphere ) have been up to some shenanigans with a scanner and producing some interesting results.

If only I hadn't ditched that old flat bed I had laying around, oh well, off the ebay...

0 / 0 Subway Map


While doing some research for a project I came across these subway maps by Zero Per Pero. The arching lines are certainly a departure from the usual linear maps.


via Visual Complexity

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Trek 1274

This is Lances Armstrong's time trial bike for the current tour. A perfect example of form following function and turning into a stunning object, combine that with some collaborative graphics from Marc Newson and you get something I'd love to have hung on the wall (after riding it of course). I love the disc dot array and the 4's extended arm.

Urban Fixed Gear

Mad Max Would Be Proud

Jesse James' stadium truck via Edmunds, this really needs the sound turned up to do it justice!

My Reply... anyone who questions the practicality of motorcycles:

A man after my own heart. Top work Steve!

Toothy Chev

Shaved gun sights and chevron, Corvette grill teeth, all in all a very nice rhinoplasty effort on this 57.

Jae Bueno

Platoon Kunsthalle

Some more material to fuel my shipping container fetish on Kitsune Noir, in the form of the Platoon Kunsthalle by Platoon and Graft Architects.
The multi use, open space manages to exploit and hide the shipping containers quite effectively, it's filled with some fittingly industrial furniture too. Let the inspiration flow...

DId You Know?

A reality check via swiss-miss

Unemployed and Overcaffinated

Funemployed by Irina Block via swiss-miss

Born to Die

Obesity and Speed

Jeff Wright Ink

I'd been seeing this art on COC for a long time now without ever really thinking about who was responsible until I noticed Wright Ink, the work of Jeff Wright.

Love the crisp line work!

Hipsters Delight

If only I had some funds spare and was a few inches shorter, this ebay sale would be very tempting.

Heartfelt Medley

via Rock'n'Rollin Fixie Riders

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009



On Sunday I went out and had a whack with the local bike polo contingent, I think I may well be hooked!

I came away with a few aches and bruises but they surely pale in comparison to the unicyclist who had a hard fall in the damp section, right onto his tail bone. He got some satisfaction in an impromptu joist.

Thanks to the whole crew but especially to Neil and Steph for organising and bringing the fence along.

Adelaide bike polo

Thursday, July 2, 2009

700C Bomb Down Broadway

Within moments of posting the BMX bombing I came across the alleycat version on Prolly is not Probably.

If you've not seen the footage of previous races check out youtube

BMX Bomb Down Broadway

This what happens when there is $5k up for grabs in a BMX race through NYC. Looks like fun, but can't help but feel a little sorry for the owner of the BMW obstacle.

Shred or die via Arkitip (although post has been removed)

Scooby Theory

I'd had this musing about the real motivations behind Scooby and his cohorts by a long lost friend floating around on my desktop for too long, and it was time to clean up. It was too good not to see the light of day though:

".... the Scooby Doo show was all centred on drugs and sexual tension. Firstly... Scooby snacks were obviously E's, Scooby would beg for one like a junkie, then have one and go completely nuts, with big wide eyes and his jaw going crazy.. Shaggy was a pot head from way back, Scrappy was a meth addict.. which explained his erratic, paranoid behaviour... I think Daphne was a lush but no real evidence of that..just a hunch. Then there was this messed up sexual triangle between Fred, Daphne and Velma... Velma had the hots for Fred but Fred was shagging Daphne... teaching kids that the frumpy ugly girl doesn't get the guy... and I do also think that the aforementioned E and pot mix may have led to some hanky panky in the van between Shags and Scooby." -Nicole '09


"Good Designers Are Geeks"

Marc Newson Urban Spaceman

I'd had these videos sitting patiently in a tab for quite some time now and I finally made the time to watch a couple of the parts over lunch today. There are many things said about Marc Newson and his art/design approach, with negative and positive opinions always coming to the surface, yet one thing that can not be denied of him is his passion and creativity, along with the depth and breadth of work. While not all of his work (and that of his firm) appeal to me, he is undeniably an inspiration and someone to be looked upon with high regard.

via MoCo Loco

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