Thursday, October 29, 2009

Helvetica Vs Arial

One for the typography nerds: pick the Helvetica quiz. My 17/20 effort genuinely surprised me.

via swissmiss

Stich Up

How a sewing machine works. I love stuff like this!


A brief aside (also learned/stolen from driverchris):
"A small nugget that I wasn't aware of; The word countach is an exclamation of astonishment in the Piedmontese language — generally used by men on seeing an extremely beautiful woman. While the term is often considered untranslatable into English, it is essentially equivalent to the British verbalization "Phwoar". Or, it can also be considered the verbal equivalent of a wolf-whistle. Seems appropriate."



While the title is a perfectly apt question to ask of this vessel, it is also the name of this collaboration from Wally and Hermès. I'm not going to get into the debate about the need for such a craft, I'm just in awe of that full scale buck!


Spok on the Riviera



beemer, originally uploaded by Two Halves.

Pity about the hideous lighting arrangement, and to a lesser extent the oversized tail, if it weren't for that it could be one of the coolest bikes on the Adelaide streets.

Gregs EJ

gregs EJ

Greg, a regular at the shop was rolling around in his incredibly tidy EJ last week end. It was up to his usual fastidious standard.

gregs EJ rear

gregs EJ interior

I'll have to did up some photos of his late Bonnie cafe, low slung Yamaharley bagger, and his collection of bicycle porn one day.

Sam and Shifty

sam and shifty, originally uploaded by Two Halves.

Who says hipsters all look alike? Sam and Shifty going for the King of Gingham title.

Port Ride

port ride 3

We had a huge turnout for Tuesdays ride, I think the head count reached around 22 at one point.

port ride 1

port ride 2
*legal disclaimer: the gate was open, we just felt like a challenge

port ride 4

port ride 6

We found ourselves among the wool stores at the port, where the trick kids did tricks, the sprinters had a flex, and those bent on tyre destruction took part in a couple of impromptu skid competitions. The 5.0 rolled up while this was going on, basically said the universal call of "do a skid" and left us to it. Occasionally you get a good one.

port ride 5

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tube Vendor

With the combination of forgotten survival kit, pinch flat, borrowed tube with short stem, and deep rims I could have used one of these the other night.
Still, I was better off than the guy I found stranded at 1am last night having been harassed and had his tyre slashed. Gave him my spare tube, some glue and patches and went on my way, I hope he made it the 30 odd km's he had to cover.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Things of Beauty!

I literally let out a little gasp when I spied these on Le Container.
The riding postion on the MV looks a little on the extreme side, unfortunately they are still only in the digital realm anyway.

Crap Chicken via Le Container


Inspired by this Merc post over on Speed Seekers I had to go through my archive and pull out a few images. My 280CE is currently in about 5 shades of paint and primer with all it's trim stuffed into the boot. Still deciding on colour, I think matte black is still the front runner, or matte charcoal at least.

Trans Am Van

Designed and built by two of the masters, Harry Bradley and Dick Dean

Pursuit of Helios- Recap

[ohoh2 beat me to posting my own photos!]

Here are a few shots from the Wheaty at the end of the run . I was hoping to get some footage during the race but there's no time for that when dodging buses, pedestrians and fellow riders!

[That's Rick's winning bike against the pole, I can't remember what it was, but I loved it, so tight!]

[The man in charge doing the all important checkpoint check]

That was my first alleycat, and I loved it! Huge thanks to Jamie for organising it, all the checkpoint volunteers, and all the sponsors for supporting this group of delinquents.

[Rick with his loot]

Oh yeah, I got third! Chuffed with that!


Yeah I stole the title from PB, but it is the only term that springs to mind when considering this XS650. A cursory glance at the shot above will give away some clues about the modifications performed even to those unfamiliar with the breed, but it belies the extent of the work involved. Go to to read the whole tale, I'll just leave you with this string of words to give a little idea of the level of obsession: frame, turbo, 6 speed, R1, 4 valve, etc etc.

Monday, October 19, 2009


Zipper porn on Secret Forts

More from Secret Forts, I love the solitary red button on this Engineered Garments work shirt.

Pink inside from EKGM Collective.

2011 Fuji Pursuit (maybe, maybe not) on Fixed Gear Blog, check the black stays and legs, perfectly aligned with the tyres

Great stringing in 'camping in hideous luxury' by Dennis Parren found on Designboom

NO STEP, a time to get

Thursday, October 15, 2009


I first stumbled upon this shot on The Shame of it All and I couldn't help but track down some more info on them. It turns out they were built in '71 for car show promoter Bob Larivee Sr, they same person who commissioned the full scale Red Baron (I have a very trashed original example of this in toy form somewhere):

In this era building full scale versions of popular toys was all the rage, and this trend spawned the Zingers. The following images are out takes from a story in Hotrod from July '71:

An early Suzuki Carry would make a good base for a slightly more realistic version of this.

The dune buggy is currently being recreated by Moriarity on the Jalopy Journal

Bike Time in Melbourne

The Bicycle Film Festival reaches Melbourne on November 26-29th and there are a veritable cornucopia of events taking place around that central focus:

Pony Bikes are presenting the Ring of Fire alleycay Saturday night. With a great poster in Ohoh2's signature style.

The Death Becomes Her, all-girl alleycat, will tear up the streets on the 30th

And the First Australian National Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships are taking place on the 28-29th. (they still need a poster so I pulled an image from my archive via hard court bike polo)

I'll be over for the polo and to see what else it to be found over what should be a crazy weekend/week/fortnight...


Fixed Gear Leeds

Milano Fixed

Candy Cranks

Can't beat a cute girl on a bike!