Thursday, April 23, 2009

Street Trials

Trials bikes on the street are nothing new but this is the most mixed I've seen of the disciplines.

MV Agusta Magni 860

Stunning, but what I'm fascinated by is the pipes: how were they formed? If it were today they would most likely be hydroformed, but I don't think that was in general use in 1977. Could they have been drawn over a variable mandrel or stamped in two halves and welded maybe...?

Love the head design too.


Hurricane Preparation

To prevent further loss of life and property due to flooding, the residents of Galveston, Texas came up with a simple yet difficult solution

1. Raise everything (including a 300ton church) by as much as 17 feet
2. flood the entire area with silt.

Simple, but remember this was 1900!

Contrast and Colour

Jae Bueno


Perfect timing for the photographer, terrible for the driver!

Farm of Minds

Building with Dirt

Rammed earth, another technique to cut down on concrete.

Nk'Mip Desert Cultural Centre on Tree Hugger

Armec Sidewinder

A side car with the fun included!

Armec sidewinder tilting sidecar on The New Cafe Racer Society

BMX Plus

BCM, a great chop blog with an interest in dirt riding, posted last week about serious injuries sustained by Alan Foster, one of the guys I looked up to back in the day when I was racing. While any injury is bad news, the real reason the post stood out was due to the BMX Plus cover he accompanied it with.
It really brought back memories of an era of my life I remember very fondly, I'd grab that magazine every month and spend way too much time virtually building my dream bike with all the mail order ads, pour over all the action shots and read everything looking for tips. I even had the UGP plate AF is sporting in the cover.
I still have my Boss Primetime from those days but I'm just about to offer the pile of BMX Plus and Ride to the fate of Ebay. Maybe I'll just hang on to one...

Handy Resource

..for when we perfect the time travel machine.

From the always informative and entertaining Constant Siege

Designers Are Meant to Be Loved

Fabien Barral via Kitsune Noir

Harry Bradley

The So~So's reminded me how often I used to pour over Harry Bradley's sketches in Custom Rodder Magazine in my late teens. While I certainly wouldn't implement all of his ideas but there are many I would, but even if we were to ignore the design credibility completely, his skill with a pencil is phenominal!

Biker Chick

Church Of Choppers

Long and Low K

Here's a pshopped K for OhOh2

From my new favourite blog Le Container

Red Texture

Just a couple of interior textures that grabbed me


Just A Car Guy

A Mantra For Our Times

Repair, not recycle.

Platform21 via Core77

Monday, April 20, 2009

Found Treasures 2: Warranty

I found this in a roof while working in one of my previous vocations. I love this era of graphic design.

Found Treasures

I've had reason to sort through most of my collected stuff lately and in doing so I've stumbled upon these various gems:

A little cafe sketch i don't recall doing

Friday, April 10, 2009

Leather Lust

I've been casually looking for a new jacket for a while now, it got a little more urgent yesterday when I noticed that the zip on my existing Dainese has started to fail.
I finally found one I want! Water proof, breathable, stylish, quality, safe, it ticks all the boxes, just a pity about the US$999 price! In the mean time I think I'll look more into this one from Aerostich.

Dainese via Hell For Leather

(Included in the comments on HFL is this pearler from "I'm not fat, my font is just bold")