Sunday, July 25, 2010

Country Road

It must have been entertaining for the other drivers in Toronto traffic when this came on the stereo and I found myself singing along enthusiastically. Great road trip song!

Apologies for lack of updates, between hours of driving, riding, polo and staying in places without a connection I have been out of the loop for a while.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


5.0, originally uploaded by Two Halves.

Careful dipping under a solid white line in Oregon, they take it seriously!

Places Visited: Oregon


I just crossed the border in to Washington state and my first impression upon pulling in for a coffee is that they have that god-damned-stupid sales tax here. It's so stupid! Coffee for $2.50? Sure, that'll be $2.71. Come on people, it's not too hard to include the tax in the price.
Anyway, that rant is out of the way for the moment. There was no such foolishness down in Oregon, I had such a great time down there where I spend most of my time in Portland. I love that city! I'm open to propositions of marriage that would allow me to move there....
Many thinks must go to my most gracious and generous host, Jill. She took in a stranger on the weekend of the 4th when she already had a visitor staying and showed me such a great time. Thanks Jill, you're a doll.


As always the photos are over in flicker


Friday, July 2, 2010

Places Visited: California

River bed
Yeah, yeah, I know, it's been a while between posts but I make no apologies as I've had better things to do other than sit at a computer!
I've been loading some photos to flickr when I can so if you want to be kept a little more up-to-date I suggest you subscribe to that feed (little orange square on right hand side of address bar, I recommend google reader).
Currently in yet another Starbucks (very handy resource for electrical outlets and wi-fi) and while here I learnt of yet another selections bike nuts. I'm learning that there must be some form of inherent connection to adventure in those who ride, be it motorised or not. The first adventurers for the day (other than the numerous pannier laden cyclists and the guy on the Canadian plated GPX250, complete with L plates) are Jack and Lauren who I just missed the opportunity to meet in San Francisco. They are currently pushing their tandem across America over the next few months. They are finally off and rolling after some of the common plane related issues, check them out here: There Will Be Hills.
The next was Tim, who I met right here, right now. He is riding solo from California to Alaska. He exploits can to followed here (when he gets around to working in it between rides).
On that topic the number of cyclists on the road is unbelievable, though for some reason 99% of them are heading south so they don't affect me at all. Another pattern I've been observing is that of the motorcyclists on the road: the vast majority of bikes out there have two cylinders and three headlights, and of those almost all have those stupid little pudding bowl helmets.
Anyway, time to hit the road again.