Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Anders Hansen seems to read a lot of the same material as I and has a cool blog called sr500project (or my81sr, I'm not sure). As you would expect it features plenty of motorcycles, but he also puts up things fantasic images like these. Spend some time browsing through his Flickr for more

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Who doesn't love some great type?! Here's a post for ouistiti:

The two above are from a set of 1960s and 1970s Scandinavian logos on Flickr via Draplin Design Co.

Woodtype Now via Ace Jet 170

Benny Gold

Grain Edit

Make sure you check out each of the source links, but beware: your day will pass by real fast!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Transformer Cover

If the alignment was intentionally done to hide the valve behind the fork when the graphic is right-way-up, I'm extremely impressed with the attention to detail!
Does anyone have any idea where these wheel covers might be procured? They look like an idea solution for polo.

via Urban Fixed Gear Online

Bubs 2009

There was a great variety of bikes at the 2009 BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials at Bonneville, among the usual mix of Busa and Harleys there were plenty of more interesting scoots. Here's a just a small selection:

Check out Bob's Salty Blog for many more, that's where I stole these shots from.

911 is a Joke in Yo Town

I've always had a thing for early 911s, and this example just hits the spot.
Dutchman Photos

Random Image #24: Moto Polo

Thy Neighbor's Bike

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Bike Wrap

BIKE WRAP made by Jooks from STEADFAST on Vimeo.

When I travel, I ride to and from the airports whenever possible, one of the headaches that this produces is the problem of packing the bike for flight. There are boxes available, either hard case or just an old box from a bike shop, but it's not the sort of thing I want to ride with for 20km+ on the way to Tullamarine. There are bags available too, but from what I've seen so far, they lack any form of protection for the bike, and if you've seen the way the freight is handled you'll know it's needed. I tend to just buy a cardboard box at the airport, but there is always the chance they will be out when I get there, especially around the date of a bike event. This Bike Wrap from Jooks seems like a plausible solution.

via Hardcourt Bike Polo

Xb Panel

The Scion Xb has been cut in every way, shape and form, but this one built by 5 Axis has to be my favourite thus far. The guards are the first attention grabber, but its the stunning wheels that stand out the most to me.

Japanese Nostalgic Car

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Match Box

Bomboland has a selection of fantastic matchbox labels from the 60's on his Flickr Page, I love the colours and shapes used in there, although I have no idea what many of them represent.


via Prolly, thanks for the tip JLN!

240Z Rat

I really despise the term 'Rat' in relation to vehicles (other than in the context of a rat motor) but who am I to stand in the way of the progress of our language. That, and the fact I couldn't think of a more fitting noun for this 240Z. It's all spot on in my eyes, the flares, the paint (of lack of), the wheels, and above all the stance. This is pretty much how I would build one, admittedly there might be a few concessions for practicality.

Many more shots worth examining over on Speed Hunters

Ultraviolence and Killing is Wrong Luke

Some fantastic movie poster mash-ups, more over at HansDC


Atari-San's blog is another great chop and custom blog with some furniture thrown in for good measure. I found it a while ago after Josh did the great header above.

Random Image #23: Green Scoops

Shannon Brooke via Ze Last Chance Garage

Random Image #22: Torture Team

Ze Last Chance Garage

I recently scanned a batch of old stickers that I've had for years, I'll post them once I've resolved my uploading issues.

Organ Donor


Since I ride bicycles and motorcycles there is a reasonable chance that I'll be in a position to donate organs one day, so for future reference here's how it should play out:
-Flick the switch if it looks unlikely I'll rise and shine
-Take any usable organs and give them a new home
-Give the rest to a medical school for the budding students to slice and dice
-Once they've done what they can, feed the everything remaining to the fish

Reuse and recycle!

Random Image #21: Freak'N Four


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Friday, December 18, 2009

Angular Heels

I don't think I could/would pull these off (they are women's shoes after all) but they are just so rad, it's had to beat classic materials paired radical forms, or visa versa.
Does anyone want to bankroll that Chesterfield lounge idea I've had rolling around for a while now?

Alexander Wang via Stop It Right Now

April Fools?

If it were April I would certainly think someone was trying to pull a fast one with each of these three items, at least at first glance.

1. McFancy
A rebranding of McD's for the fashion driven crowd using collaborations with luxury brands and some pretty radical interior design.
This one I have some trouble getting my head around. Fair enough, you can repackage all the traditional McD fare but it's still traditional McD fare, right? I guess it's the sort of thing that would thrive on the novelty of the idea and the limited other options available in its intended location (Pop-ups during fashion weeks), plus the menu has it's appeal as basic get-what-you-expect food.
Maybe I do "get it" after all.
The Cool Hunter

2. $1200US Sponge Bob Helmet
Purveyors of high-end carbon fibre and lambskin open-face motorcycle helmets Les Ateliers Ruby have announced a special edition Sponge Bob helmet in collaboration with Nickelodeon to celebrate the 10th birthday of the lovable yellow sponge and his cohorts.
As one commenter suggests "smells like a PR stunt".... Gee, do ya think? I still have very little doubt that the limited run of 200 will sell pretty quickly.
via Hell For Leather

3. Auto Hammer
This one was one of those " What the...." moments that soon passed after just a little thought. The initial surprise at why anyone would need to automate something as simple as a hammer is quickly dissipated when you think about the close confines that are routinely encountered in carpentry. Add to that problems of lack of light, delicate surfaces, precarious positions and muscle fatigue and it quickly starts to make a great deal of sense.
Via BusinessWeek

Random Image #19: Rizoma

Hell For Leather

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Loving the Econoline grills and spun tank combination on this, maybe looking a little unfinished but very simple and effective.
Just a Car Guy

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bike Street Art

Local photographer Robert Geh contacted me after finding my post on the Franklin Street paste ups, he is trying to document as many of these pieces before they are each torn down to make way for advertising. As you can see from the fantastic photos he sent me, he is more then up to the task of capturing these images, so if any of you local cats spy any bike, or environmentally themed pastes around the Adelaide streets be sure to comment on this post and we'll send him on his mission.

Friday, December 11, 2009


This needs to be seen full size for the majesty of this bike and photo to be properly appreciated (click it!).
Dutchman Photos

Warhol Commission

[click it to read it]
This, as Swissmiss states, is possibly the greatest ever client request.

Flat Salt

This pic really speaks to me of the barren nature of the salt flats. The countdown is already well under way for the 2010 DLRA trials
Chico Moto and Shinya Kimura via Sideburn

Store Hours

via Katablog

Places to Visit: Kinfolk Tokyo

A cruisey little bar in Nakameguro, Tokyo, run by the duo behind Kinfolk frames. Looks like the ideal place to escape the hustle of Tokyo over a brew or two.

Kinfolk via Arkitip

New Logs

Here's an interesting log cabin concept, I know it needs the cross grain ends for the effect of a log pile but I'd go for something more akin to a braced barn door.

via Le Container

Dirt Brothers

A while ago I was searching for the opening sequence of Dirt Brothers' Cheese (an epic canyon jump), I'm yet to find it so I may have to digitise the VHS copy I have one day. For now this is a pretty good selection of highlights from Cheese and some of the other Dirt Brothers videos of the era.
Still makes me want to ride as much as any thing else!

Doug D Flickr

IMG_1407, originally uploaded by Doug D.

Doug D of Hard Court Bike Polo fame also has some fantastic vehiular photography too, check it out here.

Random Image #16: Finger Hanging

Lots of other great photography in here too: Black All Day