Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tab Clean out.

Time to shut down the surplus firefox tabs again, so here are a few of the pages I've been sitting on:

-Hotrod Havoc Trailer

via Slim' s Fabrication

-The Evolution of the Terrible One Barcode

This story on CycleExif included a link to this document about the evolution of the Barcode frame. It's a very interesting read that shows the slow and steady evolution of something as seemingly simple as a BMX frame.

-All about the details

Fantastic semi-subversive campaign for Amnesty International
via The Cool Hunter

-What to do when you out grow you XR50

via Death Spray Customs

-Rad Ball

This is amazing!
via Bike Jerks

-Doing as you're told

People Watching Plus from Rune Madsen on Vimeo.

Nice demonstration of the public's propensity to follow the rules.
via Wooster Collective


via Two Wheels +

I highly recommend checking out each of the links to the origin sites as they are all great and varied sources of inspiration and information.

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DoubleOhTwo said...

Thanks Dan! Hope you're travelling well bro! A2