Monday, February 28, 2011


I would be remiss if I were to allow the month to pass without at least one post, so here's an assorted grab bag of things I've been meaning to, but failing to share:

A brilliantly executed tourist map

Crumpled maps on Core77

Bike shop from 1912, be sure to check out the large image for all the details.

via Kottke

Honda Dream after a few protein shakes?

Rocket garage

Ok, must be off, need to write an invoice, go to school, prepare for the monthly apartment move etc etc


Punk said...

This is a terrible strike rate for blog posts. How else am I to spend the minutes of the day that I have spare to entertain my sub conscious creative side and the need for useless facts and images.

I am a left hander you know.

Dan said...

sorry about that. I'll try to shoot off another post or two soon, but try not to feel too neglected, it's mainly down to me having absolutely f'all time right now!

I hope you have a good pair of lefty scissors.

Ernie Macias said...

hey man, just wanted to tell you that your blog inspired me to write my own blog a few years ago., it's a blogspot. Just thought Id share and keep it up man. love reading your blog.

Dan said...

Thanks Ernie, i have seen you blog change over time, glad your still doing it. Unfortunately these days i have virtually not chance to get online so please forgive the lack of interaction.
Maybe i'll try to do a post or two sometime